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Yes. Donating medicine is legal. SIRUM works under each state’s Good Samaritan Laws for Drug Donation. We are among the world’s leading experts on drug donation laws and regulations.

SIRUM works closely with each state to determine and create the appropriate donation records. In most cases your record keeping process will remain the same as your return or destruction record with SIRUM automatically transforming those records into those necessary for donation. All records are available through your online account.

SIRUM takes patient privacy and confidentiality seriously. SIRUM becomes your Business Associate when you register with us. Our Business Associate Addendum (BAA) requires us to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any patient information as part of the donation process. We take this obligation very seriously and have strict protocols in place.

SIRUM takes patient privacy and confidentiality seriously.  We encourage individuals to remove personal patient information before donating medicine. You can remove patient information by peeling off the label or crossing it out with a permanent marker, but ensure that the drug name, expiration date, prescription date, quantity, and other drug-related information remain visible on the container.

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