Good Pill is now available in Illinois! Get started now and register.

Helping you help your patients

Good Pill is a non-profit pharmacy dedicated to getting people the medication they need at a price they can afford, regardless of their insurance status.

Affordable medication

We are a nonprofit that only charges patients a flat admin fee, rather than for the medications themselves, because we believe everyone deserves access to medications they need.

Convenient care

Providers can call in a prescription just like they would at a regular pharmacy. And all medication is mailed to patients’ homes, so they don’t need to visit the pharmacy.

Constant communication

We send text and email updates once we receive prescriptions, and when a patient is about to run out of refills. We believe communication is the foundation of great care.

Get started in three easy steps

It only takes a few minutes for patients to register and they can save up to 90% on the cost of their medication.
1. Your patient registers with Good Pill
Patients can see if our stock of over 450 medications includes what they need. After registering online, they can let us know whether to transfer existing prescriptions or have their provider call in new ones to Good Pill.
3. Your patient gets their medication
We dispense medication in 90 day supplies, as appropriate, and deliver to patients’ homes in 5-7 days. We automatically send tracking info, reminders, and refills to help patients stay on track.

Is Good Pill right for your patients?

They have a Georgia or Illinois mailing address or PO box
Their medication is in our
current stock list
They are uninsured or insured with a high copay or deductible
They have trouble getting to
the pharmacy
They are located outside of Georgia or Illinois
They need insulin or opioids
Medication is needed same day
Patient prefers in-person pickup

Transparent costs

We don’t believe in high prices or tricky fees - just in helping people.
No hidden fees
The first order is $6 for all medications. After that we charge an admin fee for each medication, which can be found here.
Free shipping
No tricky billing
Patients are billed after they get their medication. We never hold prescriptions hostage.
Consistent prices
Patients pay the same regardless of their insurance status.
We’re here to help
We partner with some provider offices to cover the cost of medications for their patients. Contact us at to find out more.

Let’s build a world where everyone has access to the medication they need

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