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Notice of Privacy Practices

This Notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information

Personal Health Information (PHI) is medical information about you that could be used to identify you and includes information about your health, medical conditions, and prescriptions. We may use your PHI in order to contact you but you may opt out of our communications during each solicitation.

Because we do not transmit standard transactions, we are not considered a Covered Entity and your PHI is not protected under HIPAA. We do, however, take your privacy very seriously. We recommend that you take time to carefully consider which communication method - such as phone calls, text messages, or emails - provides adequate privacy for your information while remaining accessible. In particular, email communications and text messages, although convenient, are unencrypted and therefore not secure. By utilizing either of these communication methods, you are bearing more risk to the privacy and security of your information.

Our policy is to grant any reasonable written request regarding your PHI. Within 30 days, we will either agree to your request, ask for clarification or more information, or deny your request. Requests may include, but are not limited to, getting a paper copy of this Notice (also available at, inspecting and copying your PHI, requesting an amendment if you feel your PHI is incomplete or incorrect, getting a list of the times we’ve shared your PHI for purposes other than treatment, payment, or healthcare operations, requesting that we contact you in a certain way or in a certain location, asking us to limit how we use or share your PHI, changing your mind on what PHI we can use or share, choosing someone to act for you such as a legal guardian, or filing a complaint with us if you believe your privacy was violated without penalty or retaliation.

Changes to our privacy practices and this Notice will be effective for PHI that we already have and any that we receive in the future.

Your PHI will only be shared with your prior written authorization (which includes use of a Coupon Code), except for the limited following purposes permitted by State and Federal law:

Treatment: Your PHI will be used to dispense medications and provide refill reminders. We may share your PHI to a prescriber, physician, or pharmacist to help provide care.
Payment: We may share your PHI with a third-party entity such as your clinic or insurance to bill or collect payment from you or the third-party.
Operations: We may use and share your PHI to monitor the quality of our health care operations and services, to provide customer services, and to resolve complaints.
Individuals: We may share your PHI to a friend, personal representative, family member, administrator, or executor involved in your care or payment for care.
Government: We may share your PHI to government agencies charged with public health, privacy, or security activities including the DPH, BOP, CDC and FDA.
Fundraising: We may share a subset of your PHI for fundraising purposes including contact information, demographics, insurance status, dates of services, and outcomes.
Contractors: We use contractors to provide certain services for us. We disclose only the minimum PHI necessary for contractors to perform their services.

In other limited circumstances, we may use and share PHI for worker’s compensation, natural disaster relief efforts, court orders, subpoenas, warrants, summons, lawsuits, legal disputes, court or administrative orders, discovery requests, reporting of a crime, correctional institutions, coroners, medical examiners, organ or tissue procurement organizations, or funeral directors.

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