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Affordable, accessible medicine.

Everyone deserves access to the medicine they need to stay healthy. Good Pill is a licensed non-profit pharmacy dedicated to getting you the medicine you need at a price you can afford, regardless of your insurance status.

Affordable medication

We are a nonprofit that only charges a flat admin fee, rather than for the medications themselves, because we believe everyone deserves access to the medications they need. Our pricing is always clear and transparent, no surprises.


You can get your prescriptions filled just as easily as a regular pharmacy. And your medicine is mailed straight to your home, so you don’t have to visit a pharmacy in person.

Constant communication

We communicate by text, email, and phone when we receive prescriptions and are preparing refills, share tracking information once we ship, and send alerts when you’ve run out of refills. We believe communication is the foundation of great care.

Get your medicine in three simple steps

We dispense 90 day supplies, as appropriate, and deliver to your home in 5-7 days from the time we receive your prescription.

1. Check our stock
We have over 450 medications available, but be sure to check before you register.

Please note that we don’t carry opioids or other controlled drugs, insulin, or test strips.
2. Register
If we have your medication, complete our one-time registration by clicking “Sign Up” below.

We’ll need to know the name and location of your current pharmacy, any medication you’re taking, and any medication allergies you have.
3. Talk to your doctor
Ask your doctor to send your prescription to Good Pill Home Delivery. They can send prescriptions electronically or via fax.
Providers can learn more here.
3. We transfer 
We’ll request to transfer any of your prescription(s) that have remaining refills to our pharmacy.

Please note that it may take a few days for your current pharmacy to process the transfer.

Need refills?

Once you’re registered and your prescription is sent to Good Pill, we’ll automatically send refills until you have no refills remaining.
Check our FAQ to learn more

Transparent costs

We don’t believe in high prices or tricky fees - just in helping people.
No hidden fees
The first order is $6 for all medications. After that we charge an admin fee for each medication, which can be found here.
Free shipping
No tricky billing
You're billed after you get you medication. We never hold prescriptions hostage.
Consistent prices
You pay the same regardless of your insurance status.

Is Good Pill right for you?

You have a mailing address or PO box in Georgia or Illinois
Your medication is in our
current stock list
You are uninsured or insured with a high copay or deductible
You have trouble getting to
the pharmacy
You are located outside of Georgia or Illinois
You need insulin or opioids
Your medication is needed same day
You prefer in-person pickup

Spotlight: Patient Stories

Hear from real life patients about how using Good Pill to get their medication has impacted their lives.

We envision a world where everyone has access to the medication they need

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