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Everyone deserves affordable medications

Prescription costs are too high. We provide access.

What is Good Pill?

We’re a non-profit, home-delivery pharmacy that’s dedicated to providing people with affordable medication. We fill prescriptions for anyone whose co-pay or deductibles are too high, or those who don’t have insurance at all.

We believe

Everyone deserves affordable medicine.

We’re committed to getting you the medicine you need, no matter how high your costs are. With us there are no hidden fees and zero restrictions on age, income, or insurance.

Health over profit, always.

Humans are at the heart of everything we do. Our flexible billing means you don’t pay until you’ve received your prescriptions. We keep costs low so you can focus on what’s important—your health.

Your time matters.

Once you complete our one-time, 5-minute registration and your doctor or pharmacy sends us your prescription, we'll deliver your medicine directly to your home.

Transparency is key.

Good Pill provides excellent customer support and keeps communication open so you know exactly what’s happening.

We send texts and emails when we receive prescriptions and are preparing refills, share tracking information once we ship, and send alerts when you’ve run out of refills.

Is Good Pill right for you?

If you're a Georgia or Illinois resident and take chronic medications, have high medication costs, or have a hard time getting to the pharmacy, Good Pill is here for you. We’re dedicated to serving as many people as possible, but we may not be the best fit for everyone.
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How It Works

Get your medicine in three easy steps. We dispense 90 day supplies, as appropriate, and deliver to your home in 5-7 days from the time we receive your prescription.

1. Check our stock
We have over 450 medications available, but be sure to check before you register.

Please note that we don’t carry opioids or other controlled drugs, insulin, or test strips.
2. Register
If we have your medication, complete our one-time registration by clicking “register now” below.

We’ll need to know the name and location of your current pharmacy, any medication you’re taking, and any medication allergies you have.
3. Talk to your doctor
Ask your doctor to send your prescription to Good Pill Home Delivery. They can send prescriptions electronically or via fax.
Providers can learn more here.
3. We transfer 
We’ll request to transfer any of your prescription(s) that have remaining refills to our pharmacy.

Please note that it may take a few days for your current pharmacy to process the transfer.

Available Medicine

We typically have more than 450 medications available -- many of which are only $6 for a 90-day supply. Check our live stock to see if we carry the medications you need to stay healthy. 
Check Our Stock

How Good Pill helps

  • It really has released some of my stress…. Not having to worry – oh my gosh, can I get this medicine or it’s going to be $2000?… I am so grateful that there is a program.
    Kimberly M.
  • This medication is a lifesaver … It means everything to get a little help. I’m thankful to God I don’t have to worry about it anymore and get continuous support month to month. This is what is needed in America today.
  • [Good Pill dispenses] for 90 days and everybody else does it for 30 days and some of [the medications], I was paying more for just 1 month than y’all’s.
    Shannon B.

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Do the medications you need feel out of reach?
We are here for you.

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